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Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning London

Our team of dedicated cleaning technicians are able to offer exceptional results... with our effective and efficient carpet cleaning in London!

When you book us for carpet dry or steam cleaning in London, you'll be able to enjoy the advantages of our many years of experience - and a team who boast all the skills and know-how they'll need to transform your carpets.

Of course, you don't just need to take our word for it! Browse through our testimonials page for yourself, to find out what some of our past customers have had to say about our carpet cleaning in London.

We at Fantastic Cleaners London offer Carpet Cleaners that can perform a professional carpet cleaning on-site almost immediately. We offer carpet steam cleaning, which is the most effective and powerful method used for stain removal.

Fantastic Carpet Cleaning London

If you are an owner of some rare delicate- material carpets such as jude, rayon or sea-grass, we can dry clean them, thus not letting moisture to damage the carpets.
In addition to our carpet cleaning we recommend application of Scotchgard, which is a stain protector solution. Once Scotchgard is applied, dirt and spills are easily picked up and no stains are left.

Our Carpet Cleaning service includes:

  • Moving furniture and other items obstructing our ability to provide an optimal clean (within reason)
  • Pre-treatment of any stains, dirty patches, and high traffic areas
  • De-odourising of cleaned areas
  • Using industrial strength driers in order to facilitate the drying process

Please, take a minute and read some of our customers testimonials.

If you wish to have a quote for a London Carpet Cleaner, please call us on 020 3404 5141 or book your cleaning online.

London Carpet Cleaning Benefits

There are plenty of ways you'll be able to benefit from our carpet cleaning in London - not least of which is our flexible booking schedule, allowing you to enjoy weekend and even evening bookings!

Not only do we offer some of the lowest rates you're ever likely to see for steam cleaning in London, but you can enjoy further savings still - when you combine it with a booking for one of our other services.

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Testimonials/ view all

"I am simply amazed by the quality of your cleaning services. I ordered a chain, starting from domestic cleaning, through carpet cleaning and deep cleaning. It was all perfect. Now I wish I needed another cleaning session, so the house can feel fresh once again." Will Marston, Managing Director, Lollipop Animation, UK

"I’m not usually one for big parties, but my fortieth got a little out of hand! After Party Cleaning London came in the very next morning and by the afternoon you’d never have known the party had happened! A great service, and one I highly recommend." Terrence HP17

"I've tried many cleaning companies in London and came to the conclusion, that yours is definitely number one. Also thank you for pointing out what I can improve to protect my house from those darned leaks I get every Autumn. Much appreciated, I hope we work together again." Jeremy UB9

"When I was planning my birthday party I didn’t even consider the morning after. Luckily a friend recommended After Party Cleaning London and they offered me a deal I couldn’t turn down. The party went great and the cleanup was flawless!"

- Mr A. Tanner